Video Gait Analysis

This normally takes between 30-60 minutes. A full medical history is taken followed by physical examination of the affected part. A detailed assessment of all the joints of the feet, ankles, leg, knees, hips and lower back is carried out. Measurements are taken and your walking style observed. This will identify problems in the joints, bones or indeed your walking style and help us to find the root of the problem. When necessary the walking style may be recorded by video and replayed in slow motion to make a more detailed analysis. If further information is required a Footscan Pedograph may be carried out to assess walking style and foot pressures.

Footscan Pedograph

Motion Realtime Imaging: This is a state of the art computer system which takes a very detailed and objective look at walking styles and foot pressures. The test is carried out by walking over a computer mat containing pressure sensors. In addition to providing information about foot pressures the system also calculates and provides a detailed analysis of how your foot functions. This provides valuable information which when studied in detail allows us to understand your problem and formulate a tailored treatment program.



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