Orthoses and Surgical Footwear


An orthotic is specialised foot support designed to control and or alter the way the foot works. It is usually prescribed following a detailed assessment of your foot function, gait (walking style) assessment and diagnosis. Orthoses come in many different designs. The type of orthoses prescribed depends on a number of factors and may include any of the following; - the presenting complaint eg; a more complex problem usually require a more complex orthoses. - the severity or chronic nature of the problem ie how long has the problem been present and how much impact it is having on your lifestyle. - gender of the patient ie a female patient usually requires an ultra-thin orthoses to fit into their normal shoes -this may be achieved using our 'ultraflex' orthoses which is very thin but at the same time very strong. - Your activity levels - ie if sports participation is important or desired a special orthoses is required to cope with the extra stress encountered during sports acitivities.
For more information on treatment by orthoses contact us.

Surgical Footwear

When feet are unable to cope with ready made shoes it may be appropriate to consider surgical footwear. This may be required if the foot deformity is severe, if major footwear modification are necessary or simply as a result of medical necessity such as those with diabetic neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis. We can assess your needs and arrange appropriate surgical footwear.


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