Services & Treatments at the Foot Clinic

At the Foot Clinic we are dedicated to ensuring that when you come to see us we are able to provide you with an appropriate and suitable treatment within your time and budget. Accordingly we pride ourself on being able to offer a comprehensive and full range of treatments.

We provide a range of Chiropody Services which is the treatment of foot problems to provide comfort. This includes nail care, removal of hardskin/corns, treatment of verruca infection and application of pads.

We also offer a range of Podiatry Services which is the treatment of lower limb problems that focus on either biomechanics, footwear or surgery. It may include carrying out special examinations and tests such as gait analysis, computer foot pressure testing, video gait analysis, footwear analysis, blood tests or x-rays if necessary. Treatment will include advise, exercises, providing prescription foot supports known as orthoses, providing appropriate footwear or sports footwear advise including arranging for specialist orthopaedic or surgical footwear in some cases or indeed referral for foot surgery.

For more information on individual aspects of these services please review the link on the left which will guide you through and if you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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