An orthotic is specialised foot support designed to control and or alter the way the foot works. It is usually prescribed following a detailed assessment of your foot function, gait (walking style) assessment and diagnosis. Orthoses come in many different designs. The type of orthoses prescribed depends on a number of factors and may include any of the following; - the presenting complaint eg; a more complex problem usually require a more complex orthoses. - the severity or chronic nature of the problem ie how long has the problem been present and how much impact it is having on your lifestyle. - gender of the patient ie a female patient usually requires an ultra-thin orthoses to fit into their normal shoes -this may be achieved using our 'ultraflex' orthoses which is very thin but at the same time very strong. - Your activity levels - ie if sports participation is important or desired a special orthoses is required to cope with the extra stress encountered during sports acitivities.
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