Callouses & Corns

Callous is a build up of dead skin cells that harden and thicken over an area of the foot. They may be found on the ball of the foot, the heel and under or between the toes. Calluses form to protect the foot against excessive pressure and friction.

A Corn is an accumulation of dead skin cells on the foot forming thick hardened areas on the top, bottom, sides, tips or between the toes. They contain a cone-shaped core whose point can press on a nerve causing pain.
Callouses and Corns develop due to excessive pressure at a specific area of the foot. Some common causes are high heeled dress shoes, and shoes that are too small causing abnormalities in the gait cycle (walking motion), bony prominences, and the loss of the fat pad on the bottom of the feet, toe deformities such as claw/hammer toes and poor foot function such as flat or high arched feet.

Treatment includes regular chiropody in the form of footcare, improved footwear, toe splints to correct position and deflect pressure, foot orthoses or pads. Some cases may also benefit from minor surgery to correct the cause ie: toe deformities

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